The basic tools of the trade on the Forex market

Course description

The work on the financial markets, as well as many other subject areas, requires special training or additional education. The course is specifically designed for those people who want to work on the foreign exchange market, but do not have the necessary experience, as well as for traders who already have a basic knowledge about the functioning of the financial markets and would like to develop themselves in trading in future. This training program is based on work with a demo-account trading platform Meta Trader 4. The study of fundamental and technical market analysis, the practical application of computer analysis tools that will help to make a competent trade. In addition, the course includes the psychology of trading, as well as the rules of money-management. As part of the training, all studied theory will be applied in practice, with the direct assistance of the teacher. After a successful evaluation of the knowledge you will receive a certificate of the course completion.

Course Plan

1.   Introduction to the foreign exchange market.
2.   Types of forecasting: fundamental and technical analysis.
3.   The trading terminal. The opening of a demo account. Trend lines.
4.   Fundamental analysis. Warrant types.
5.   Psychological levels.
6.   Fibonacci levels. Trading up to the levels.
7.   Computer analysis. MA and oscillators. The trading system based on the strategies that have been learnt.
8.   Bill Williams trading strategy.
9.   MACD. Divergence and convergence.
10.   Figures of graphical analysis.
11.   Candlestick analysis.
12.   The development of trading strategies up to the person that is learning (Included only in the individual course).
13.   Fastening the material.
14.   Trading psychology.
15.   Risk management.
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