A professional look at the analysis of financial markets

Course description

Trading on the financial markets provides an opportunity for additional revenue, which becomes the main for many people. The financial markets sphere as well as any other area requires its in-depth study or obtaining special knowledge that allows becoming a professional trader. This course of practical training has been developed by qualified personnel with experience in the foreign exchange trading market for over 5 years and aims to develop an individual trading strategy allowing obtaining a stable income with minimal risk. The course will cover the following: fundamental and technical analysis; trading with the Meta Trader 4 terminal. Psychological factors affecting the trading result.

Course Plan

1.   Introduction to financial markets.
2.   Fundamental and graphical analysis.
3.   Trading terminal MetaTrader4. Opening a demo-account.
4.   Types of warrants.
5.   Graphic figures.
6.   Candlestick analysis.
7.   Fibonacci, the use of Fibonacci lines.
8.   Indicators and oscillators. The fractals.
9.   Trading system EMA + stoch.
10.   Trend trading strategies .The trend inputs on a pullback.
11.   Breakout trading strategies plus the study of false breakouts.
12.   Risk management and money-management.
13.   Psychology of trading.
14.   The developing a trading strategy for the definite person.
15.   Answers to the questions.
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