Nikolai Zhebelyan

Financial analyst, trader, author of trading strategies.

Experience of trade and capital management: 3 years.

While trading he uses the author strategy based on the candlestick patterns and areas of price consolidation. He draws attention to the correlation of assets exchange between themselves. He sticks to a conservative trading style where the maximum risk on all open positions in total does not exceed 5%.

Trade profitability: 13-17 % per month (under condition if the rules of the trading system and risk-management are observed).


Motto: “Learn something new and develop myself every day!”

About myself: “I have been always wanted to work in the field of finance and to be independent. That's why I entered the College of Economics and Law, in order to begin exploring subjects up to my speciality as soon as possible. Then I continued my studies at the International University for the Humanities. The field of the financial markets at first seemed unattainable, but in last years of college, I created my first demo-account, began trading and exploring markets actively. After a year of practice, I created a real account and received my first income in this area.

Today, I continue earning money in the financial market, as well as advising investors and share my own knowledge with the clients. If you are interested in trading sphere, but you do not know where to start, come to my course! I'll teach you to conduct your own successful business, to get income in any corner of the world, and help you to become financially independent and successful!”

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 Nikolai Zhebelyan